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DVR        DS-800xM series embedded Net DVR have total functions both of DVR (digital video recorder) and DVS (digital video server). Our embedded system is completely independent of PC platform. The system is built upon embedded processor and embedded operating system, not PC processor and PC operating system. The embedded Net DVR uses MPEG-4 ACE technology standard of high-performance video compression and G.721 Audio coding standard. It achieves video & audio real-time and hardware synchronous compress completely, and it also achieves these functions such as compression coding stream recorded in hard disk, real-time video & audio preview, switch video signal and audio signal, play back the local record files, real-time network transmission, playback and download long-distance files, support stream protocol (RTP/RTCP, RTSP) support IE browse, support bi-direction dialogue and so on.
       DS-800xM embedded Net DVR consists of basic part and expanded part. The basic part includes main board, embedded software, the front faceplate, machine box and power supply.